Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The main difference, other than the dates and times, is the culminating event, or lack thereof. 

The Storymakers’ Acting Class is just that – an acting class. Students learn acting techniques, play theatre games, and study improvisation, scene study, character development, and more. There is no culminating event or performance; it is just a class. If your child is thinking about trying acting out to see if they like it, this is the class for you. If your child loves acting and wants to expand their skill set in a more relaxed environment, this is the class for you. If your child wants to perform on stage in a beautiful costume, read on.

The Young Thespians’ Theatre Production Program and the Kids Musical Theatre Production Program each culminate in a fully staged theatrical production with all the bells & whistles: costumes, props, scenery, lighting, microphones, etc. The main difference between Young Thespians and Kids Musical Theatre is that Young Thespians produces a straight play (a non-musical), while the Kids Musical Theatre Program produces a musical. Young Thespians offers study in acting and performance techniques under the tutelage of a world class director and culminates in a play. Kids Musical Theatre offers study in acting, dance, and vocal music under the direction of three top-notch experts in their fields – a director, a choreographer, and a music director – and culminates in a large-scale musical production. Tuition fees for all of our production-based programs are all-inclusive; costumes, props, scenery, etc. are all included in the cost of tuition. 

If your child is just curious about acting and is not yet sure if s/he wants to perform in a large production, than these are NOT the programs for you; rather,  we recommend the Storymakers’ Acting Class for any student who is just looking for an opportunity to try acting; this class features open enrollment (as long as space allows) and students may opt-out at any time without penalty. The production-based programs have mandatory rehearsal and performance dates and require that parents sign a contract of commitment. In the event that a student wishes to drop out of one of our production programs, there are no refunds, and withdrawal fines and missed performance penalty fees apply. So please talk to your child about the realities of a commitment prior to registering, and be absolutely certain that performing is what your child wants. Students who wish to try acting may contact our office to request a free trial of our Storymakers’ Acting Class.

A: No. Observers are distracting and inhibiting to students. If you are not yet certain about registering, please contact our office and request a FREE TRIAL of our Storymaker’s Acting Class. Rather than observing, your child will have the opportunity to participate for one full hour and there is no cost nor obligation. we also strongly recommend coming to see one of our shows if your child wishes to observe. Our shows are thrilling, fun, and wonderful weekend activities for the whole family! Check our SHOWS page for dates and ticketing info.

A: All of our classes and rehearsals during the school year (September – June) take place at our state-of-the-art facilities at The Brooklyn Dance Centers – 8717 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Our summer programs (July-August) are held at the beautiful Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center – 7110 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

A: Triple Promise shows take place in performance venues local to Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights / Sunset Park. Past performances have been held in public school auditoriums and other similar venues. Our spring and summer shows take place at the cutting edge outdoor performance space at Industry City in Sunset Park.

A: Nope! Triple Promise tuition fees are all-inclusive; costumes, props, scenery, and all other production elements are included in the cost of tuition, and parents do not have to lift a finger come show time! The only things parents need to provide are undergarments, bobby pins, hairspray, and light make-up for show days, and in some cases, socks and shoes. Beyond that, the only parent costs are monthly tuition fees and show ticket fees. The number of tickets you buy is entirely up to each individual parent or family.

A: Tickets for each show go on sale approximately six weeks prior to opening night. Click the “Shows” link on our web site for more information.

A: Show tickets range in price from $15 – $20.

A: All audience members must be over the age of three. Please understand that theatre education is about students first, and audience members second. The sound of a crying baby can be very distracting to an inexperienced young performer. Audience members should plan ahead and make alternate child care arrangements for children under the age of three.

A: Yes! Contact us at info@triplepromise.com to request a special group rate for parties of 20 or more.

A: Not at this time. Please understand that if we could give the program away for free, we would!! The reality is that running a program of this caliber costs a lot of money. Triple Promise tuition fees help cover the costs of costumes, props, scenery, lighting, sound and staging equipment, class, rehearsal, and performance venue rental fees, and fair, competitive compensation for our world-class staff of teaching artists.

A: Triple Promise is very proud of our new, innovative audition and casting procedures and policies! Rather than auditioning students on the first day of the program, or prior to the start of the program, like so many other programs do, Triple Promise starts all of our production-based  programs with two full weeks of technique classes in acting, dance, vocal music, and audition preparation for the entire cast. Students then audition during pre-scheduled private audition appointments on Week 3 of the program. The show is cast and students assume their roles for the show on Week 4. This unique and ground-breaking process serves several purposes:

  1. It boosts student confidence!
  2. It removes the responsibility of audition prep from the shoulders of parents!
  3. It levels the playing field, ensuring that every single child in the program has their audition professionally prepared by our team.
  4. It gives our team a lot more information with which to cast the show. A two-minute audition does not tell us nearly as much as two full weeks of classes does. When our team of professionals goes into the casting room, they are armed with a wealth of information on each child so that every student is cast in a role that will set them up for success while simultaneously challenging them and pushing them to the next level!

These practices are cutting-edge within the theatre education industry, and, as far as we know, no other program out there offers this unique, student-centered approach to auditions and casting! This is just one of the many things that sets Triple Promise apart!

A: Nope! Just register for the program, get your child to class, and we’ll take care of the rest! See above for a description of our innovative new audition and casting procedures, tested and proven to make every child shine!

A: At Triple Promise, we are committed to casting each and every student in a role that sets them up for success while simultaneously challenging and pushing them to the next level. We truly believe in the old adage, “there are no small parts, only small actors,” and we are committed to helping every child grow into the biggest and best actor they can possibly be! Regardless of character or number of lines, every student is guaranteed a role that will educate and challenge, with a tremendous amount to learn and ample stage time. Click HERE  to read our detailed casting policy.

A: Children cannot participate if they are not present, and theatre is a team sport! Attendance is crucial to the success of each student, individually, and as a collective cast. While we do understand that things come up from time to time, we expect a highly consistent rate of attendance from our students. Be sure to have a talk with your child about what it means to make a commitment prior to registering; this may mean that your child may have to pass on a birthday party invitation or two. Click HERE to read our detailed attendance policy. If your child isn’t sure about whether or not they are ready to make the commitment required for our production-based programs, we offer drop-in classes of the Storymakers’ Class on a pay-as-you go rate of $45 per class.

A: Students should dress comfortably and prepared for lots of physical movement. No street shoes are allowed on the studio floors, which are professionally sprung floors of finished wood, so students may wear dance shoes, if they have them, or may simply attend class in their socks or their bare feet. (The majority of our students attend in their socks or bare feet, so there is no need to purchase dance shoes if you do not already own them.) We also recommend that students wear   layers (at least a light sweater or hoodie or pullover), as they tend to get hot when dancing and cool when acting or singing, especially in the summer when the A/C is blasting.

A: For classes, students need ONLY a water bottle with their name clearly labeled on it.

For production programs, students need a water bottle with their name clearly labeled on it, their script with their name and character written on the front and all of their lines highlighted, and a pencil, every single week.

For winter, spring, and summer camp programs, students should bring all of the above, as well as a packed lunch and snacks.

For all of our programs, please leave toys, stuffed animals, and electronic devices at home. If your child carries a cell phone, it should be off and in his/her backpack during class or rehearsal. Triple Promise is NOT responsible for any personal items lost, damaged, or stolen.

Please make sure EVERYTHING your child brings is clearly labeled with their name. (We can’t tell you how massive our Lost & Found is!) Labeling helps us return items to their owners quickly.

A: Yes! Triple Promise welcomes students of all experience levels, so long as they have the desire to perform!

A: Yes! Triple Promise offers private lessons in acting, audition prep, and musical theatre technique. We also specialize in preparing students for auditions for talent-based high schools and middle schools. For the 2023/24 school year, 100% of the students we coached gained admission into at least one of their top choice schools! To schedule private lessons, please contact us at info@triplepromise.com 

A: All students enrolled in our production-based classes are expected to practice their lines, lyrics, music, and choreography independently at home. All students are expected to practice twice their age in minutes, daily; for example, our 8-year-olds are expected to practice for 16 minutes per day, while our 13-year-olds are expected to practice for 26 minutes per day. We provide a Google Classroom with a wealth of resources for at-home practice sessions, including vocal and instrumental (karaoke) music practice tracks, digital copies of the script, and blocking and choreography rehearsal videos. At-home practice is crucial for individual and collective student success and is an absolute must!  

A: Unmasked is a very unique and highly specialized musical theatre program specifically designed for neurodivergent students with a love of performing! This program offers acting, dance, and vocal music technique classes with additional teachers and additional supports in place in order to accommodate students with special needs. This program also culminates in a large-scale musical production. Unlike our traditional programs, “Unmasked” is co-taught by two teachers at all times, one of whom is a special education professional. The program culminates in a main stage musical production, but unlike our traditional programs which culminate in a show every six months, “Unmasked” works on the same show for the entire season and performs in June.

A:YES!!! We welcome students of all abilities into each of our programs, and we also offer “Unmasked,” which has additional supports in place for students who require or prefer additional support in order to have a successful experience.

A: It depends. The spectrum of neurodivergence is as diverse as the human race itself. Some neurodivergent students do very well in our traditional programs, while other neurodivergent students require or prefer “Unmasked,” which has additional supports in place for children and teens with special needs. If your neurodivergent child does not require a lot of additional support, you may wish to register him/her for one of our traditional programs; if your child requires or prefers additional supports in order to succeed, you will most likely want to register your child for “Unmasked.” Here are a few guiding features to help you make the best decision for your child:

  1. Our traditional programs are most often taught with only one expert teacher or director in the room at a time; our “Unmasked” program has two expert teachers in the room with the students at all times; one teacher is a traditional theatre education professional, while the other is a professional special education teacher with a strong background in theatre, dance, and vocal music.
  2. The student/teacher ratio for our traditional programs can be anywhere from 12:1 to 40:1. The student/teacher ratio for “Unmasked” is approximately 5:1. 
  3. Students in our traditional classes and programs are expected to independently remain focused, engaged, and attentive in a class or rehearsal space for two hours. In “Unmasked,” we have additional staff, tools, and supports in place to help students who would not normally be able to maintain focus and engagement independently for that amount of time.
  4. While all Triple Promise students receive individualized attention and instruction, students in our traditional classes and programs are expected to independently follow directives in groups with 30-40 classmates. Our “Unmasked” program has supports in place for students who require or prefer more individualized attention in order to maintain their engagement for the duration of the class or rehearsal.
  5. All Triple Promise students in all classes and programs are expected to behave appropriately at Triple Promise. Disruptive, abusive, or violent behavior of any kind is absolutely not tolerated in any of our classes, rehearsals, or programs.

A: Accommodations vary from student to student. An example of a typical accommodation we provide is audiobook recordings to aid with line memorization for students who struggle with literacy. (Additionally, audiobooks and theatre in general helps improve literacy in all children across the board!) When a student is enrolled in “Unmasked,” our staff will contact the parents to set up a private intake interview so that we can get to know your child and adequately prepare for any accommodations your child will require.

A: Many of our “Unmasked” students have received approval and attend our program through Self Direction! That said, approval is an individualized process and varies from agency to agency. You should contact your broker if you wish to attend our program through Self Direction.

Got a question that isn’t answered here? Contact us at info@triplepromise.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP! You can also call or text us at 718-635-1597. We look forward to hearing from you!