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Discover Yourself with Triple Promise Academy For Performing Arts

Discovering one’s inner self is essential for confidence building, self-expression, self-discovery, and emotional intelligence. Performing arts can help children understand their inner potential through creative activities, including singing, dancing, acting, and exploring different characters. Let us look at how the best Acting School in NY, the Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts, can help children embark on a transforming journey to become resilient individuals with self-esteem and potential for personal growth.

How Triple Promise Acting School Helps You Achieve Your Identity

Triple Promise, with a nurturing and supportive environment, provides excellent opportunities to explore a child’s inner actor. It helps build critical life skills that help children navigate obstacles in life and transform societies as future leaders.

All this is made possible through careful curriculum development and supervision of Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson, with a dedicated team of experts with years of experience helping children explore their identities and perform in front of large audiences. Here are some ways children can benefit from Triple Promise:

Embracing Vulnerability

Vulnerability helps bring forward authenticity and understand characters in performing arts. It is the ability to be open and susceptible to emotional and psychological challenges while understanding feelings of insecurity. Children learn to share personal experiences, feelings, and emotions they felt during a challenging situation. It helps them know the characters and bring depth and realism to performances with true-to-life emotions such as joy, anger, grief, and sorrow.

Developing Self Awareness

Self-awareness is vital to personal growth in every aspect of life. Children at Triple Promise explore different stories, characters, and perspectives to understand themselves and the world around them better. It also helps children reflect upon their actions and how it impacts others.

Diverse Perspectives

While acting is all about stepping into the shoes of others, it is also about being culturally competent. Diversity in social norms and cultures is celebrated and encouraged at Triple Promise. Children are encouraged to explore diverse characters in their stories and work on ways to portray a scene or emotion best. Children can only become better at it when they are comfortable with their own identity and how they connect with the outside world.  


Authenticity and being true to one’s self can be a fulfilling experience. Many children are initially shy or anxious about performing in front of others. Some children have medical conditions or disabilities they think might hinder their future aspirations. However, the supportive environment at Triple Promise helps children discover their voice and express themselves fully. Students learn ways to benefit from their strengths and work on weaknesses to become successful thespians.


Meryl Streep once said, “Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is different, then finding myself in there.” Hence, the idea of performing arts is not to pretend to be someone else but to discover ourselves while portraying characters. Confidence allows children to share their unique emotions and experiences with a sense of self-assuredness that they can deliver remarkable and memorable performances.


What techniques in acting classes can lead to self-discovery?

Techniques such as memory, improvisation, emotional exploration, and character analysis encourage students to delve deeper into their experiences and emotions to engage in self-discovery and personal growth.

What is the connection between acting and developing self-confidence?

Acting and performing arts require children to leave their comfort zones and deliver remarkable musical and non-musical performances. It can only happen if children trust themselves and their abilities to perform in front of large audiences. Developing self-confidence allows children to embrace their strengths and work on weaknesses to become better humans and actors. Acting also helps build self-confidence as children become proficient in facing various life challenges and emotions while being confident in their problem-solving approach.

How will acting classes help me overcome my fear of public speaking?

Triple Promise has an inclusive curriculum that helps children overcome the fear of public speaking and acting with practice. Children learn basic and advanced communication skills, dialogue delivery, vocal projections, stage presence, and body language. It happens gradually, and children become experts in stage performance, monologue, and acting.

Can I still find my voice if I’m not interested in becoming a professional actor?

Absolutely! The best acting classes in NYC, Triple Promise, are open to students interested in acting, performing arts, public speaking, or seeking ways to build self-confidence. Whether you dream of becoming a professional actor or simply wish to explore your creative side, you will discover your unique voice and inner talents at Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts.

Acting and performing arts is one way to explore your inner talents and potential for success. Acting can help you become a proficient public speaker, improve memory, and build self-esteem. You gain confidence to face challenges in life and build on your strengths to understand different perspectives and identities.

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