best acting classes for kids in brooklyn ny

What fun activities are included in kids’ acting classes in Brooklyn, NY?

Give your kid a chance to explore creativity and learn how to express emotions and thoughts effectively. This is only possible by stepping into the exciting space of Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts. It is a gateway to a world of fun and learning as we offer the much-awaited Acting Classes for kids in Brooklyn, NY, right under your nose. These acting classes cover all aspects of theatre, drama, and speech with best-known trainers, ensuring your child’s enjoyment and growth.


Fun Activities in Theater Classes

Explore why enrolling in acting classes is the best decision forever for your kid by learning about these fun exercises. Let’s go!


  1. Improvisation Games

We energize and engage our young, talented group by introducing thrilling improvisation games such as Freeze Frame, Yes, And, and much more. These games help them break the ice and build a team with excellent collaboration skills. Instead of following a script, participants react in real-time with spontaneous thinking and creativity. With this practice, they will be able to respond and adapt quickly to many situations in life.


  1. Character Role-Play

Character Role-Play is the fundamental yet fun aspect of Fun Activities in Theater Classes. Our young emerging artists learn to step into the shoes of different characters and help them understand their perspectives and emotions. Kids enjoy playing historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln or Cleopatra, a fictional character, or even an animal. The body movements and making the same sounds can be fun and challenging.


  1. Storytelling Exercises

Storytelling Exercises are a pivotal part of our acting workshop, designed to ignite your child’s imagination and enhance their narrative skills. Children create and share their own stories, complete with unexpected plot twists. We use a variety of props, from story cubes to puppets, to make this exercise both fun and educational. By choosing books with relatable characters, we help children connect with the stories on a deeper level. Activities like sitting in a circle to add a sentence to build a story by each participant further improve their narrative skills.


  1. Movement and Body Language

Kids learn how to convey clear and specific emotions using movement and body language at one of the best acting schools in Brooklyn, New York. Activities like mirroring each other’s movements and practicing Emotion Walks help them communicate effectively. This exercise enhances their understanding of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements.


  1. Group Scene Work

Working in groups, young actors learn to perform with themes, characters, and subject matter. We put together some awesome skits perfectly for their ages. Under the careful direction of Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson, collaboration and teamwork foster kids’ communication skills and the ability to work well with others. Each group plays and rehearses together. Sometimes, they write and perform their scenes.


  1. Creative Drama

Tableau and Pantomime are prime examples of creative drama. In these activities, kids pose silently without moving to represent a dramatic scene and use specific movements to act without words. These exercises push them to think from different perspectives and explore other ways of expressing themselves.


  1. Script Reading and Analysis

Script Reading and Analysis is like a road map at our Kids’ Acting Classes in Brooklyn, NY. Children have story-reading sessions to choose what they want to act out. Understanding the structure of plays and the importance of dialogue, kids will learn how to build character development. With the great help of a great acting coach, the little stars bring characters to life.


  1. Performance Showcases

Our musical and non-musical performances are the highlight of our acting class. Children can perform in front of an audience, including their parents and friends. They will display what they have learned and gain a rewarding experience in public performance by becoming part of Kids’ Acting Classes in Brooklyn NY. These showcases are carefully planned and structured to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for our young actors, ensuring they feel confident and proud of their achievements.



With our excellent services near you, make your kid’s childhood more memorable and fun-packed. Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts nurtures your singing, dancing, or acting skills under the guidance of our professional instructors. So why wait? Enroll your child today and let them light up the stage with their talent and creativity.


What types of creative games do kids participate in during acting classes?

Kids at Triple Promise participate in various activities such as:

  • improvisation games
  • storytelling exercises
  • creative drama activities


Are there opportunities for children to perform in front of an audience?

Sure. Our future stars will get every opportunity to showcase their talent to a large audience. Performance showcases and open-class performances let them express themselves with complete freedom.


How do acting classes in Brooklyn, NY, incorporate storytelling?

Children craft interesting stories or rephrase the known ones with their creativity. During Storytelling and drama sessions, actors embrace other characters through hot-seating, flashbacks, and role-playing.


Are there activities focused on building confidence and stage presence?

Absolutely yes!! All of our activities at the Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts encourage kids to express themselves and perform in front of others. Kids here successfully conquer their fear of performing with the help of helpful teachers and their immense support.  


Do kids engage in collaborative scene work with their peers?

Yes. We provide a safe place for your kid to have a collaborative scene with peers. They rehearse and perform scenes together while learning valuable lessons.