Drama classes for kids in Brooklyn

Unlock Your Child’s Creativity: Drama Classes for Kids in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is home to many drama stars who have won Academy Awards and have worked in versatile roles. Some renowned actors include Viola Davis, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and Steve Buscemi. They act as motivation and role models for young children who wish to pursue a career in performing arts. Under the careful direction of Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson, Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts provides the best drama classes for kids in Brooklyn.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in drama classes in Brooklyn?

Drama classes provide a fantastic and unique environment for children to enhance their creativity, build confidence, and develop valuable acting skills that can help them embark on a rewarding career in performing and theatrical arts. Here are some benefits for enrolling your child in Triple Promise drama classes in Brooklyn:

  • Self-Assuredness – Children learn essential public speaking skills through drama classes that help them foster self-assuredness to stand and speak in front of large crowds.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Emotional intelligence is essential for academic success and helps manage emotions while being empathetic and compassionate towards others. Children also learn about emotions a character might feel and the best way to portray them.
  • Memory Skills – Some scripts might be one page, but many well-developed scripts are thousands of pages. Triple Promise Kids drama classes in Brooklyn help children improve their memorization and concentration skills to learn lines and feel confident during dialogue delivery.

How can drama classes enhance my child’s creativity?

Creativity is the ability to derive new and original ideas that result in unique solutions or an enhancement to existing ideas. Triple Promise Kids Drama Classes in Brooklyn can help enhance creativity in the following ways:

  • Giving opportunity to engage in imaginative exploration to bring fictitious characters and imaginative situations to life.
  • Create fun new plots and stories that are unique while providing a new perspective on social issues and past situations.
  • Using teamwork and collaboration to produce new ideas with props and stage designs that lead creative projects for future portfolios.
  • Improving public speaking and communication skills to overcome shyness and build a positive self-image that makes children willing to try new roles and ideas to express themselves.

What can my child expect to learn in drama classes in Brooklyn?

Drama Classes for Kids in NYC hold a rich history of performing arts and theater that culminates into high-impact performances. Through drama classes at Triple Promise, children embark on a rewarding future in performing art and get visibility to perform at high-profile events in the future. Children learn:

  • Acting skills such as facial expressions, dialogue delivery, body language, stage presence and character development.
  • Science improvisation, thinking on their feet and responding to creative prompts.
  • Acting techniques within a structured scenario and storyline to display authentic character portrayal skills.
  • Learn teamwork through collaborative games, dancing classes and activities.
  • Perform at musical and non-musical theater that require various voice, hand gesture and dramatic skills.
  • Participate in rehearsals and get selected for high-profile stage performances. 

The Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts hosts one of the finest Kids’ Musical Theatre Production Programs, known as the best drama classes for kids in Brooklyn!! All students get equal opportunity to learn and participate in a supporting environment. With support from experienced producers and choreographers, children develop critical thinking skills and a strong stage presence that sets them apart from others.  

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