After School and Weekend Activities for the Kids

Unleashing Young Talents at Triple Promise Academy

Finding after-school and weekend activities for the kids can be a challenge. Most parents prefer a situation where their children are not just being babysat, but are actually learning while having fun and building their confidence.

At Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts, Jill Hudson and her staff offer the best acting classes for children in New York City. Offerings include acting classes and theatre production programs, which culminate in live performances with costumes, scenery, props, and all the bells and whistles of the best children’s theatre program in NYC!!


At Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts, Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson provides the best acting classes for kids in New York City. Starting with the basics, Hudson has developed an all-original series of brand-new theatre games for the students in her children’s acting classes in Brooklyn, New York. Geared toward teaching kinesthetic technique through muscle memory, Hudson’s “FUNdamentals Unit,” as she playfully calls it, includes obstacle courses, relay races, and a plethora of other highly physical games for energized young students. One game is a highly physicalized obstacle course that teaches children to cheat out, while a relay race adaptation of “Telephone” teaches child actors about projection and diction. An adaptation of the classroom classic “Night at the Museum” teaches children that acting is reacting, while Sheep’s & Shepherds teaches children to make eye contact with fellow actors on stage during their acting classes in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Hudson has even adapted the PE classic “Steal the Bacon” to teach children the rules of proper backstage etiquette, so that they know how to behave backstage during their theatre production programs in Brooklyn, NY. “When I introduce a new game, I usually don’t tell the students the purpose of the game,” Hudson says. “I just explain the game and ask them to think about the purpose while they are playing. The games are highly physicalized so that important techniques like cheating out and not breaking characters are built into the child’s muscle memory while the child is having a blast. It’s the best kind of learning when they are having so much fun, they don’t even realize they are being taught!” Hudson offers the Fundamentals program through her very popular acting classes, which have come to earn the reputation as the best acting classes for children and teens in New York City. She also offers Fundamentals in Triple Promise’s theatre production programs, which culminate in plays and musicals in which the children perform.

Acting Techniques, Character Development, Scene Study, and more!

At Triple Promise, the best acting school for children and teens, located in Brooklyn, New York, students learn script analysis, character development, scene study, improvisation, and much more! Triple
Promise students learn to embody their characters with commitment and consistency so that they take the stage with a flourish of confidence! Top-notch experts in the fields of acting, vocal music, and dance teach students to develop their performance skills in a fun, creative, and emotionally safe space. Parents repeatedly report remarkable growth in their children’s confidence and skill set with each passing season!

Audition Prep!!!

Thousands of parents and students throughout New York City painstakingly work to gain admission into top-talent schools throughout the city year after year. Many of the talent-based programs require auditions for students to get in. At Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts, the best acting school for teens in New York City, Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson offers monologue coaching and audition prep for students seeking entry to these schools. “The reality is that kids just don’t know how to prepare a monologue without training,” Hudson says. “In fact, most adults don’t know how to prepare a monologue! They need coaching to bring the character to life and deliver the monologue strongly. Otherwise, they will just recite it. Sadly, most people think that performing a monologue is just reciting the lines with as much emotion as possible. The truth is, there is so much more to it than that.” Focusing on the kinesthetic experience, Hudson teaches her students how to fully embody their characters from head to toe. Through her school, which offers the best acting classes for kids and teens in New York City, Hudson teaches students about physicality, tone, text and sub-text, script analysis, character development, differentiation, build, mastery of the script, and much more. Her audition prep class is the best acting program for kids and teens. Last year, every single student coached by Jill Hudson gained admission into at least one of their top choice schools.

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