Acting Classes for Kids at Triple Promise

Triple Promise Academy’s Acting Classes for Kids

Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts offers a variety of theatrical classes to children in grades 2-12. The school’s mission is to provide students with a holistic arts education that helps them develop their creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and performance skills.

Triple Promise Academy’s acting classes are taught by experienced and qualified instructors passionate about working with kids. Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson and her staff offer the best acting classes in New York City. Their classes are designed to be fun and engaging while providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the performing arts.

Kids can benefit from many prominent acting program offerings by Triple Promise.

Story makers’ Acting Class

Story makers’ Acting Class provides a foundation unit for kids ages 7-11 who aim to try acting or improve their basic acting skills. Kids learn through theater games and expert guidance on fundamentals of scene-setting, stage presence, storytelling, voice projection, improvisation, and character development. However, there is no end-of-class performance or event.

The Young Thespians’ Theatre Production Program

This non-musical theatre production program is designed for kids interested in participating in a full-scale theatrical production. Students in this program work with professional directors and actors to rehearse and perform a non-musical play. All productions include microphones, lighting, scripts, costumes and props.

The Kids Musical Theatre Production Program

The Kids musical program is designed for kids interested in participating in a full-scale musical theatre production. Students in this program work with professional directors, choreographers, and music directors to rehearse and perform a musical. The production-based program covers props, scenery, costumes, and fascinating scripts, with mandatory rehearsals and performance dates.

Teen Musical Theatre Production Program

Designed for teens ages 12-18, this full-scale musical theatre production provides a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of musical theater production. Students in the program learn about acting, singing, dancing, and stagecraft, with the opportunity to work with professional directors, choreographers, and music directors. The program requires students to rehearse several times a week, and they will be expected to learn their lines, songs, and choreography outside of rehearsal time. Some recent full-scale musical productions include Finding Nemo Jr., Shrek Jr., and The Wizard of Oz.

Triple Promise All-Stars

The Triple Promise All Stars is considered the most comprehensive theatrical acting class in New York City. The program offers students the opportunity to receive personalized attention and develop their acting skills at a rapid pace to perform a full-scale production in front of an audience. It helps children start from the basics of acting and performing arts and elevate their skills to perform a full-scale musical production. The program combines Storymakers’ Acting Class, the Full-Year Young Thespians’ Theatre Production Program, and the Full-Year Kids Musical Theatre Production Program. The program is highly selective and requires attempting regular classes and reversals to gain a deep understanding of performing arts.

Triple Promise Academy’s acting classes offer a variety of benefits for kids of all ages and levels of experience. Acting can help kids develop their communication skills, confidence, and self-esteem. It can also help them learn to work collaboratively and express themselves creatively. The ongoing evolution of training and learning opportunities at Triple Promise Academy affirms Founding Director Jill Hudson’s hard work and her dedication to the industry. If you are looking for a fun and rewarding way for your child to learn about acting, Triple Promise is the perfect place for them.

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