Step-by-Step: Finding the Top Acting Classes for Kids in Brooklyn, NY

Step-by-Step: Finding the Top Acting Classes for Kids in Brooklyn, NY

The vibrant city of New York is the hub of some well-known and established performing art and theatrical classes. Irrespective of your age, It is arguably one of the best places in the United States to learn about acting. From smaller and experimental productions to top acting classes in Brooklyn, children can learn from renowned actors and directors while showcasing their talent by participating in musical and non-musical productions. 

The Triple Promise Academy of Performing Arts offers prestigious training programs to children under the careful guidance of Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson. It provides a rich tapestry of learning opportunities while offering masterclasss from experienced music directors and choreographers. 

How to Choose The Best Acting Classes For Kids In Brooklyn NY?

Choosing the right acting classes in Brooklyn can be daunting for parents. Before parents begin their search, it is essential to explore the landscape by listing all reputed performing art and acting classes across New York City. 

Online directories by Backstage, ClassTally, and Actor’s Access have hundreds of recommendations on the best acting classes in Brooklyn that meet your requirements. Examining programs that offer foundation programs or provide curriculum and techniques based on a specific genre is vital. Parents can also rely on word of mouth or take recommendations from friends in the performing arts industry. 

Parents can visit program venues or websites before choosing the right program for their children. For starters, many renowned acting and performing arts classes are provided in the form of workshops with open access to the public. The Foundation Unit by Triple Promise is one such program that gives children insights into the world of acting with beginner-friendly activities and acting techniques. 

Once you have shortlisted the most suitable options, read their class descriptions and online reviews on social media to understand their approach and acting semantics. Moreover, consult industry experts to ensure you choose the right program for your child.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Acting Classes For Kids in Brooklyn NY

There are many factors to consider while choosing the best acting classes in Brooklyn. It is even more significant for parents who wish to enroll their children in competent programs that will be a stepping stone in their acting careers. Here are some points to consider before you get children enrolled in perfecting arts and theatrical classes:

  • Consider your child’s primary goals, as it will help shortlist acting classes in Brooklyn that meet your requirements. What do you wish to achieve? Do you want your child to start from the basics of acting or improve existing skills to participate in upcoming auditions? Choose the right program, as every program has its own set of outcomes. 
  • Focus on the key curriculum and programs you wish to enroll in. Inquire about their acting techniques, class size and structure, type of instructions, and scene study concepts that align with your interim goals. 
  • Constantly evaluate the instructors to ensure their acting techniques and teaching style resonate with your acting career. The instructors and mentors at Triple Promise are highly experienced in ensuring children embark on a rewarding acting career. 
  • Scrutinize the facilities and check amenities such as rehearsal space, performance venue, equipment, and props because these can be instrumental in creating a conducive and supporting learning environment.  

Why Choose our Brooklyn, NY Acting Classes For Kids?

There are many reasons to choose Triple Promise Academy of Performing Arts over other acting classes in Brooklyn. Triple Promise is one of the only acting classes that provide multiple age-specific programs. From foundation units to musical and non-musical performances, our programs are designed to cater to children until 12. 

One key advantage of Triple Promise is the “Unmasked” program. This program is specially designed for children who are neurodivergent and require special attention during classes. Two specially trained teachers oversee acting curriculum and teaching pedagogies to ensure every child receives equal opportunity irrespective of their learning abilities.

Under Director Jill Hudson’s careful guidance, Triple Promise prepares children for the outstanding Kids Musical Theatre Program and non-musical Young Thespians’ Theatre Production Program. These programs are aimed at preparing children for auditions and final stage performances. 

The main goal of Triple Promise is to enhance the confidence and self-esteem of children as they prepare for a rewarding acting career. Particular focus is given to acting techniques, scene study, spatial awareness, character development, and emotions that are key to a flourishing performing arts journey. 

For more information on the best acting classes for kids in NYC and the best audition prep classes for children and teens, please contact Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts at