Musical theatre classes for kids

How Can I Support My Child’s Musical Journey in Brooklyn, NY?

Brooklyn’s rich heritage of artistic endeavors can inspire your children to pursue a career in musical theater and performing arts. Their interest in singing, dancing, and acting blossoms, and they ask you to enroll them in a musical theater class like Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts. This guide will equip you to be your child’s biggest cheerleader on their musical theater journey in Brooklyn, NY.

Encouraging Your Child’s Musical Passion

As a parent in Brooklyn, NY, you play a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting your child’s passion for musical theater.

First and foremost, it is essential to celebrate their musical theater enthusiasm! Let your children know you are excited and supportive about their love for musical theater. Applaud their efforts at home, be it belting out show tunes in the shower or choreographing a routine in the living room.

Next, ensure you take a central role in helping them explore their passion. As an enthusiastic parent, you should strive to find the best music classes and analyze their curriculum, teachers, class sizes, and stage space before enrolling. Many parents also visit workshops to understand the teaching philosophy and if it will benefit their children.  

Exploring Music Classes in Brooklyn

Brooklyn boasts a rich selection of music classes for kids of all ages and experience levels. As a parent, you should look for options like:

  • Performing Arts Schools – These schools use beginners and advanced singing, dancing, and acting curriculum, often culminating in staged productions. Triple Promise offers multiple musical and nonmusical productions that lead to energetic and lively stage productions. 
  • Community Centers and After-School Programs – An affordable musical theater class option focusing on fun, initial training, and exploration.
  • Private Coaches – For a more personalized experience, consider private voice, dance, or acting lessons. Parents often induct a private coach to train children to participate in professional auditions for stage performances. Triple Promise Academy offers training that prepares for talent-based high schools and middle school performing art auditions and competitions.

Fostering a Musical Environment at Home

You can start your child’s musical journey in Brooklyn, NY, right from home. Here are some ways to make your home a space where your child’s musical theater dreams can flourish:

  • Make a music or performance corner – Give your child a dedicated music corner with musical instruments and a sound system to explore their talents. Sing along together during car rides or at home, and do mock performances on personalized scripts. 
  • Movie Magic – Host family movie nights and watch theater featuring beloved musicals. Discuss their story, characters, and musical scores. 
  • DIY Dress-Up – Encourage them to create and wear costumes inspired by their favorite shows, characters, and superheroes. Put on impromptu living room performances or use special birthday party themes to create a fictional environment.
  • Visit Local Workshops and Libraries – Visit your local performing arts workshop and libraries to explore and get inspiration from stage performances, musical theater history, famous musicals, and stories of accomplished performers.

Supporting Performances and Competitions

As your child progresses, they might participate in community events, school productions, and competitions. As a parent, supporting your child’s musical theater journey is essential. You must attend their performances and encourage them from the other side as an audience. Show enthusiasm and boost their confidence, no matter how big or small the role is.

Offer constructive feedback and talk to them about their performance, focusing on their strengths and suggesting ways to improve their shortcomings. 

If you live far from the premises, help children with logistics and transport. Assist them with costume changes, learning lines, and managing stage fright. Remember, it’s a team effort!

Celebrating Achievements and Growth

Let your child know how proud you are of their dedication and progress. Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson encourages parents to celebrate their child’s musical theater journey. 

Make a memory box to save their photographs, costume packs, invites, and other mementos. Treat them to a special occasion related to their passion, like tickets to a Broadway show or a new dance outfit. Showcasing their talents at family gatherings or even recording a video performance for relatives far away.

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