Behind the Curtain Triple Promise Academy's Artistic Journey

Behind the Curtain Triple Promise Academy’s Artistic Journey

Kids are born with an abundance of creativity and curiosity. They love to explore the world around them and use their imagination and playful expressions to communicate with us. Young children begin their artistic journey with crayons but move to singing, dancing, and using musical instruments as they age.

Many renowned artists started their journey when they were as young as age six. Daniel Day-Lewis, the most outstanding actor of his generation, began his acting career through school plays, and made his professional debut at the age of twelve. Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Jodie Foster started as early as age five, while the famous Leonardo DiCaprio also began at the age of five. Audra McDonald, known for her iconic vocals and singing, started at six. These legends highlight children from a young age, have the potential and charisma to make it to the big stage.

Children require a supportive environment and encouragement to develop their artistic skills and embark on a rewarding journey of high self-confidence and expression. The Triple Promise Academy for Performing Arts understands how to nurture and develop skills and practice children need to fulfill their potential. Under the leadership of Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson, their best acting classes for children in New York City follow a carefully curated curriculum that helps children prosper in their artistic journey.

From Foundation to Audition Practice

The journey to master stage performances begins with the fundamental unit where children become aware of the foundations of performing arts. They go through engaging and exciting activities like an obstacle course based on the “Telephone” to understand the art of theatrical movement. This sets the stage for future training, where children improve their script reading, vocals, singing, and stage performance.

There are many opportunities for children to improve their acting skills and participate in musical and non-musical productions. Amongst these, particular emphasis is given to the audition and costing procedures. Every student goes through two weeks of technical classes before they are auditioned, ensuring every child receives an equal opportunity to showcase their talents. The Triple Promise audition and casting procedure is known for its fair representation. Compared to a two-minute audition, the two-week class framework gives casters a wealth of information to cast children for specific roles.

Children who need special attention receive extra support through the “Unmasked” program. In this program, there are two teachers: a professional special education teacher and a traditional theatre education professional. The aim is to give individual attention to these brilliant gems who deserve to shine like all other children.

Full-Scale Productions

The Triple Promise Academy provides acting classes in New York City with musical and non-musical productions. The Kids Musical Theatre Production Program and The Young Thespians’ Theatre Production Program are full-scale productions where children receive guidance on-stage performances, character development, vocals, scripting, and dancing. Children receive costumes and props to perform, while there is professional lighting and choreography to ensure children get total exposure to professional ambiance.

A vital part of these productions is to enhance the ability of children to express themselves in front of large audiences. At the same time, they increase the confidence required to progress in their artistic journey and creativity.

All art classes, workshops, and exposure to different forms of performances contribute to a well-rounded artistic endeavor. Encouraging creativity, providing access to classical scripts, and exposing children to complex character identities and emotions help children to move toward self-discovery. It allows them to lay down the path that best suits their future and helps them grow professionally. 

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