5 Tips to Unveil Your Inner Thespian

5 Tips to Unveil Your Inner Thespian

Young children hold within them unbound potential and energy. They love to dance, perform, paint, and participate in storytelling sessions that allow them to express themselves. However, despite having an artistic spark, some children may be shy and find it challenging to communicate their feelings in front of large audiences. Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts offers practical solutions to help children with anxiety ignite their passion for acting to unveil their inner thespian. 

What is a Thespian?

A thespian is someone passionate about acting, drama, and performing arts. They dedicate their lives to embody the essence of multiple characters, with a unique ability to share stories through captivating performances. A thespian doesn’t just read lines; they bring characters to life.

Tips to Unveil Your Inner Thespian

Unveiling the inner thespian requires careful application of defined curriculum and performing arts strategies that can help children understand characters and bring stories to life. The following tips might be helpful:

Embrace Playfulness

Children should be encouraged to embrace imagination and playfulness. As acting is all about stepping into different roles, children should feel comfortable playing different roles, exploring different characters, and performing in varying scenarios without fear of judgment or negative feedback. 

Observation Skills

It is essential to help children sharpen their spatial awareness and observation skills. As a thespian, they will be asked to observe human emotions, behaviour, and social interactions. Paying attention to the world around them will help them embrace authenticity and enrich their performances.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

As the famous author Neale Donald Walsch once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This quote equally applies to children who have fears and negative thoughts about being judged for their work. At Triple Promise, we encourage children to take on challenges and explore new roles to gain more confidence and perspectives and to succeed as thespians. 

Fuel Creativity

Creativity is solving problems using alternatives, ideas, and possibilities. It can be nurtured through reading, observing, and writing and leads to versatile, dynamic, and engaging performances. 

Find Your Voice

Every child has a unique thespian hiding somewhere that needs to be explored. Children who face performance anxiety or fears need support to find their voice. Training on storytelling, vocals, voice control, and physical expressions can help children stand out from others. 

How Triple Promise Can Help You Unleash Your Inner Thespian

At Triple Promise Academy of Performing Arts, Founding Artistic Director Jill Hudson has developed an enriching curriculum that helps children build self-esteem, confidence, and resilience to perform as the best thespian.

Children learn acting techniques in small groups with attention from experienced choreographers, actors, and theatrical producers. Regular rehearsal classes provide equal opportunities to be selected for musical and nonmusical theatrical performances. 

For neurodivergent children, a supportive environment is provided with a specialist teacher and trainer to ensure children get dedicated attention to sharpen their acting and improvisation skills. 



Can a Shy Person Still Be a Thespian?

Absolutely! Many successful actors started their acting journey as shy and anxious performers. Skills can only be perfected through discipline and persistent practice. Triple Promise, the best-performing arts school in New York, provides a supportive environment to help anxious children come out of their shells.

What are the benefits of Unveiling the inner thespian?

Unveiling your inner thespian will result in better performances, enhanced self-confidence and resilience to perform diverse roles and scripts in front of large audiences. 

How can I help my child prepare for their first acting class?

As a parent, it is essential to encourage your child to approach first class with a positive attitude and an open mind. Keep reassuring them and highlight the playful, fun and enriching aspects of acting that will help build character and public speaking skills.  


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