Triple Promise Academy for
the Performing Arts

We’re not a threat;
we’re a promise!

Triple Promise Academy for
the Performing Arts

We’re not a threat;
we’re a promise!

Triple Promise is one of the dedicated acting schools for beginners in Brooklyn. We offer kids the promising and investment-worthy best acting classes in Brooklyn, NY that help them flourish their skills. Does your kid have potential in acting? Let us be the mentor.


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We are now casting kids and teens of all ages and experience levels for reality show pilot about the transformative power of THEATRE EDUCATION!


Display objects of artistic, cultural, or scientific
significance for the education of the public.

"This was the best thing I have ever been a part of in my entire life!"

Elyse Age 8

I can’t say enough about how amazing Triple Promise Academy has been for my kids. From my youngest to my oldest, both my kids love the way Jill coaches and supports them to be their best on and off stage. Beyond the group performances for my kids, Jill was also extremely instrumental in my daughter’s middle school audition process. Thanks to her coaching, guidance and recommendations on strong song choice and monologue, my daughter was accepted to her top choice program - a highly competitive NYC-wide middle school.

Triple promise Academy For Performing Arts
Debra, Mother of Carys & Cadell Age 10 & Age 6

Happy that my son is participating in acting classes, now he is more self-confident and less shy, his memory, concentration and even speech have improved. I see that he enjoys singing and that he follows the instructions given to him in each rehearsal. It amazes me how far he has come thanks to the professionalism of the staff.

Triple Promise Academy For Performing arts
Nesy, Mother of Miguel Age 9

My daughter loves coming to her acting class. She enjoys spending time with her acting coach and her friends. Ms.Jill is an amazing acting coach, she goes above and beyond for the children. She is so organized and very well prepared. She really inspires my daughter to be the best she can be. We are so overly joyed with my daughter’s experience here at Triple Promise!

Triple Promise Academy For Performing Arts
Victoria, Mother of Alany Age 12

My 9yo daughter joined Triple Promise for their first show and my 7yo son joined this year. I cannot speak highly enough about this program. Jill is professional and loving- the perfect combination for a teacher! My kids have learned so much and thanks to Jill and her team, they LOVE performing and have made amazing friends. I am so glad that we discovered Triple Promise - at this point, I honestly don’t know what my kids would do without it.

Triple Promise Academy For Performing Arts
Alison, Mother of Elyse & Theo Age 9 & Age 7

I'm so happy that Triple Promise Academy for the Performing Arts decided to have classes for neuro divergent individuals. My daughter always wanted to be in drama classes but due to her difficulty wirh working memory and memorizing lines, she was discouraged. Jill and Chris have given her confidence in herself and her ability to perform. I only wish this program was started years ago!

Triple promise Academy For Performing Arts
Catherine, Mother of Nicole Age 19

We love Triple Promise! It’s sophisticated theater programming for children of all ages and stages. They even cater to the neurodivergent population! Miss. Jill has a 20+ year track history in theater production and it translates with how she runs her company down to the costumes. She really knows how to bring a story to life and extract pure talent from a child.

She really cares about her students and treats them with respect but also pushes them to be great and instills discipline in their impressionable minds. Triple Promise is a great addition to your rising star’s life!

Triple promise Academy For Performing Arts
Tabia, Mother of Jahsir & Ma'ati Age 7 & Age 5

Class is SO MUCH FUN!!! I am learning SO MUCH and I already can’t wait for more classes! Jill inspires me to be the best version of myself, and to be the best actress I can be!

Izzy Age 12

Jill’s ability to work with us is exciting and inviting! The activities included in the lessons are so important for practice, preparation, and delivery. Jill provides all of the resources that other teenagers and I have been yearning for when struggling to prepare monologues and audition material.

Sebastian Age 16

Triple Promise is fantastic! I think it has helped me develop my talent of singing and acting. I love it so much!! Jill is also very kind and helps everyone.

Jacob Age 7

What I love most about Triple Promise is musical theatre rehearsals and improv class: especially games like ‘Dr. Soup,’ where we take our prompts, themes, and scenarios from the audience. Performing live like that and not knowing what’s going to happen next is so exciting and so much fun!

Jarrell Age 8

I love theatre and Jill is such a great teacher!”

Elyse Age 8

My daughter LOVES IT!! She is SO HAPPY! She comes out of class with the biggest smile on her face after each class: happy, confident, and eager to learn more!

Tina, Mom of Izzy Age 12

Jill is amazing with the kids. My four-year-old loves attending her classes, and it’s heart-warming to see the older classmates looking out for her through the mentorship and leadership opportunities that Jill builds into the program naturally.

Mom of Eloise Age 4

As a Triple Promise parent, I would highly recommend this program for any up and coming young actors/actresses. My son is always excited to attend improv class and rehearsal. Ms. Jill ensures a safe and fun space for the children to express themselves freely, along with amazing acting techniques and activities. I can see Jarrell is more confident in his singing and dancing as well as his ability to learn his lines faster. What I love most about Triple Promise Academy is that the program also allows opportunities for kids to display leadership skills amongst their peers.

Jannell, Mom of Jarrell Age 8